Middletown Pharmacy serves the Middletown, CT area and provides services such as free delivery, free consultations, and compliance packages. 

- The website was developed in less than a week.
- Works with Detail Scale, a Digital Marketer to provide the best SEO integration.

This website is the academic portfolio for Wesleyan University Professor Hafiz FazaleHaq, an Assistant Professor in South Asian Language and Culture, whose work delves into Second Language Acquisition and socio-cultural of language acquisition with a focus on Hindi/Urdu

- Follows the model of a typical Wesleyan Website - Simple, but adjusted to make it his through his own domain!
- Took advantage of the Hostinger Premium plan such that he can host multiple sites and utilize the platform for additional website needs.

The Center for the Study of Guns & Society (CSGS) at Wesleyan University is the first academic center in the U.S. dedicated to interdisciplinary humanities study and teaching on the social and cultural history of firearms.   The center fosters research and collaborations with other institutions, including museums, schools, and the public. It hosts new courses on the history of guns and society at Wesleyan, and supports student and faculty research. 

- Assisted the project partner with website and WordPress assistance.
- Project got moved from company consultant to DeenOps as a local consultant partner.

Omar Islamic Center (OICCT) serves the Middletown Muslim Community, providing services like 5 daily prayers, education classes for children and adults, and volunteering opportunities.

- Created from scratch using Elementor after previous developers left the organization stranded.
- DeenOps cleared the site of viruses and added security measures.
- Integrated a special function to provide prayer times to community members using automation and AI.

Rodas Stills Photography highlights the work of Sterling Rodas, a photographer born and raised in the Bay Area. He captures moments that can be cherished forever through his camera lens.

- The website was revamped twice after wanting to shift designs.
- One of the first DeenOps Clients
- Used special CSS to adjust normal header to sticky header, getting the rid to purchase a premium theme.

RX Care Prime Pharmacy is dedicated to providing exceptional pharmaceutical care and personalized service to the community of Las Vegas.

- The site was developed in just 2 days
- Uses the most modern design practices
- SSL set up for the site, which automatically renews yearly

The Forest And Global Changes Lab studies how forests are responding to rapid environmental change in the Anthropocene.

- Entire Website Completed within a Week
- Site contributed to Professor Poulos's Tenure Achievement

RBC Limo is dedicated to providing the ultimate chauffeured experience, ensuring every ride is memorable one.

- The website was revamped twice after wanting to shift designs.
- The website was developed in less than a week.
- Provides on-site reservation bookings.
- Takes advantage of the Stylist Filterable Gallery from Premium Add Ons

Al-Madinah Islamic Academy provides Islamic Services and Education to the Upper Darby Community and beyond, from Full-Time and Part Time Hifz Programs to Islamic Studies.

- The website was developed in less than a week.
- Has Google Scripts integrations built inside.
- Uses Gradient Buttons to attract users.

The Perfect Stool is a gut nutrition company that provides the supplements to help with digestive comfort and function.

- The home page was revamped in less than a week.
- Utilized Shopify Custom Liquid and HTML/CSS.
- Continued off a previous yet dysfunctional design, bringing the features needed to the page.

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